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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Midstory.Org Visits TMR

May 1, 2019

Wednesday May 1st

We have an abundance of energy today. Good morning. Floyd’s confrontation with PNC. I made visual contact with a neighborhood critter. Cuisine in Sandusky.

Is Christina OK? Deal Or No Deal.

Loose Kannon Komives is gonna get his beautified benches. Ottawa Hills ranks high in the state and country. A food fight at Rogers. Don’t worry about venomous snakes here.

Kate Beckinsale is single. Pete Davidson bought $400 of McDonald’s for an Avengers showing. Daisy Ridley goes from space opera to Shakespeare. Jussie Smollett, probably fired.

PFOL let’s get to the ice cream toppings, and an animal to describe your shopping habits.

Guy got his ears pinned back. What would you have done?

Why didn’t Endgame have an end credits? Easy answer. What’s next for many MCU characters. How much did the movie make on Monday? It’s only the second biggest Monday, so much for breaking that record. GOT was too dark for many people.

PFOL Part 2 Besides Target or Walmart where do you do the most impulse shopping. Favorite month of the year. Good qualities in a boss. Strangest place you’ve drank.

Lost and stolen phone stories.

I didn’t spoil Endgame with this RDJ story. He’s making so much money as Tony Stark. Another Stark, Bran, has a real life girlfriend that doesn’t watch GOT.

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MLT group projects, and Mother’s Day candy.