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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Jordan For TBT v Floyd!

May 2, 2019

Thursday May 2nd

Floyd still has no money. Thanks PNC. My new-ish home with all the animal visitors is like a live action Bambi.

The standoff on Adrian ended in a suicide. Details about the food fight at Rogers. A pedal bar in Tiffin, but no DORA. Walleye win!

BMA things from last night. Drake wins big and thanks his mom. I don’t think the Madonna song is atrocious. BTS wins. Ariana performs from afar. Alex Trebek is depressed but still fighting.

Floyd has been asked why he rarely talks about his dad. People question why I don’t talk about my mom. Let’s provide some answers.

TBT the It’s Gonna Be May JT edition. Floyd has a formidable foe.

More with Jordan Tomase and her thoughts on last night’s awards. Kelly Clarkson’s performance, and a surprise Jonas wedding.

PFOL and we’ve got a full house. Fruit or vegetable you don’t want thrown at you. What words do you use to speak in code. Do you lock your phone.

Being a mom, finding that balance and happiness.

One last time with the BBMA’s. Two B’s. My first acronym was wrong.

I’m gonna keep beating you up with NAMI stuff.

Olivia said she’d only come talk about the walk is if she and her boyfriend could talk Avengers. Deal.