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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Jeepfest Pregame

August 9, 2019

Friday August 9th

(00:00) An update on Floyd’s back growth, and which lunch table are you sitting at.

(8:13) All of the streets in Toledo will be closed for Jeepfest. Yes ALL.

(16:19) For one night only my good, old, Jewish, DJ friend Matt Lewis is coming out of retirement for Wesley’s tonight.

(29:08) Jeepfest stuff. Toledo terror suspect pleads guilty. Gov. Dewin and Dayton mayor on gun measures and mental health. Construction in Findlay on 75, and the roundabout outside of Penta. Marijuana dispensary in BG opens Monday.

(35:57) John Wick 4. Mike Posner was bitten by rattlesnake on his trek. The live version of Lady and The Tramp. Dax Shepard trying to talk to Jay Z.

(43:01) What’s something, a place, a show, an electronic device that a teenager just wouldn’t know.

(55:00) Things you can’t unsee. Things you can’t see. And more in the 5 Second Rule.

(1:00:19) Florida Man has sex with dog. Happy Birthday Nick Komives. Gwenyth Paltrow, her husband, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. Ricky Martin the dad.

(1:09:35) PFOL, and Morgan saves Bethany.

(1:17:47) Dennis here from the Fulton County Fair. WARNING. Delicious fair food coming!

(1:23:55) MLT and where did my dogs names comes from.