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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

It’s Alex Not Alexis!

February 5, 2020

Wednesday February 5th

(00:00) Rent was here last night. I even properly turn my mic on at some point.

(9:09) How was Floyd date, errrrrrrrrr, hang out.

(15:34) Dunkaroos are coming back so let’s do other 90s snacks.

(19:59) Valentine’s Day with TMA. Maybe we won’t get another TJ Maxx. Macy’s closing locations. Wendy’s begins breakfast.

(26:00) Hello Alex! Jay Z offers a reason why he didn’t stand for the Anthem. Madonna wants to sublet her NYC apartment.

(34:19) Alex had several days without speaking to her boyfriend Thomas.

(41:32) Where’s your wedding dress, are you late early or time, and more on PFOL.

(48:32) Alex’s 90s snacks. Mandalorian spin offs, and Camila’s IG return.

(54:56) They mess up your name 2020.

(1:03:05) Chris Pratt returning to TV. Billy Porter’s state of the LGBTQ union.

(1:08:14) Sweet Deal with AJ Doolittle’s…with build your own chicken chunks!?