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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

I Found My Five Year Old!

June 21, 2019

Friday June 21st

Yesterday was a day for Floyd. Is social drinker at Kroger a thing?

Reactions to Shawn + Camila, then Deal or No Deal.

Hot Dad Clint is now a signed model. Those were not wolves in Old Orchard, but it did look like it. Promedica movie night is on for Sunday. Cheetos on KFC.

35 new names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. New Lil Nas X, sampling Nirvana. Spider-Man stars aren’t dating.

How many times did you ask before they went out with you?

Happy birthday to Ashleigh, and the 5 Second Rule.

No more Steve Harvey festival in the DR. Petitioning to take a show off Netflix – but it airs on Prime.

What warms your heart. A romantic city you want to visit. Strangest place you’ve had a drink and more in the PFOL.

Ashleigh and Tucker her son, who is five, play Think Fast.

Ariana news, and our Sweet Deal is here, True Rest Float Spa.

Small business shout outs!

MLT and plain foods.