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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Hot Twitter Dad Clint Visits!

April 10, 2019

Wednesday April 10th

I jumped the gun on dismissing CeCe. My VERY bad. THANKS anxiety! Where’s Floyd’s ID? I finally got the Believe Center in the Old South End.

Something finally happening at the SeaGate Convention Center and hotel downtown; to be done in early ’21. Nick ‘Equal Pay’ Komives introduces a new proposal for the city. Car shows at TMA through the summer. Happy Black Hole Day!

Camila Cabello will make her feature debut in a new iteration of Cinderella. Taylor is definitely coming back. Soon. Her PR savvy good deeds are ramping up. The Addams Family is returning, animated style.

Floyd’s kids at work love Goldfish. Other than that, picky eaters.

Lil Nas X and the phenomenon of Old Town Road.

‘Hot Dad’ Clint and his son, sorry son-ager (h Floyd), Colin are here.

Ryan Murphy bringing a Broadway musical to Netflix. He’s got a big deal with them. The Lion King trailer breakdown!

Indulge me in some GOT adulation? The producers say they’ve buried the conclusion in the GOT Spotify playlist.

A music industry expert, and my good friend Tommy Nappi on Lil Nas X and new Taylor music.