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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

GOT-Free Monday w/Janet Amid

April 15, 2019

Monday April 15th!

Shhhhhh not Thronesing yet! The loud thud in my home the other night. Dressing up and brunching with Miss Donna.

It’s been a minute since Kill Bang Marry. Sports, GOT, Full House and more.

The bridge that fell was because it was old and in poor condition. Mud Hens are doing a second opening day. Tiger won!

Ariana gave us and Coachella NSYNC! Madonna is coming back with new music. So is Taylor probably. The Jonas’ fam needs Coors Light.

Two of the most important people in Floyd’s life need to meet.

PFOL! Best trait as a mom. Scariest creature. Fighting w your best friend.

Madonna hasn’t had a hit in a long, long time. Megacelebs tweeted support and excitement for Tiger.

Janet and her Dragonglass are here to strike down the White Walkers in your life.

Our friends from Promedica are here to talk about Impact + Inspire. The next one, 4/28, will benefit Camp Fearless. A place for kids to grieve the loss of loved ones. Yep, just like my friends at Good Grief NWO.