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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

GLSEN’s Day Of Silence

April 3, 2019

Wednesday April 3rd, Opening Day Eve.

Floyd’s sleepy from last night’s events in Tiffin. I attended a block watch in west(?) Toledo last night. Before that I watched the first two Twilight Zone episodes.

Gas prices are gonna go up. Hot dad that went viral is the father of a UT student. Take It Off Toledo is our city’s weight loss challenge run by the Mayor. TARPS got some money so Sunday and holiday service is back through the end of the year.

They got the guy that likely killed Nipsey Hussle, and his girlfriend Lauren London has spoken out. Game of Thrones Oreos!

Weird eating habits.

What’s your advice to becoming a regular somewhere?

Taraji P. Henson is being recognized as a mental health advocate. Miley Cyrus taking pics on trees she shouldn’t be. Autographs from Lori Loughlin.

GLSEN’s Day of Silence to support our LGBT community! It’s a nationwide effort and we’d like to grow it in Toledo.

Fine, don’t call for PFOL. I’m despondent. Participate in the show!

Kardashian stuff. Vomit noise. One Day At A Time may live on. A naked Eric story.

The Rated Game. Doritos. Being Fit. Poison Ivy.