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TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

Futbol In The 419

June 3, 2021

It took almost three years, but I was able to snag Jake Mercer for today's podcast episode. 

This isn't London with soccer in every neighborhood but we do have a solid soccer community in the city, and even in the larger region.

Jake's got lots of insight about Toledo Villa FC. Who the players are (lots of locals), where they play, who they play, and how close their level is to say, the Columbus Crew.

Also, this time three years ago, we were lamenting that the US incredulously missed the World Cup. The first time that had happened since 1986. Things are different now; they're looking up, and Jake can explain.