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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Fruit Fly Attack!

August 30, 2019

Friday August 30th

(00:00) I have a bug infestation.

(9:38) Storm Area 5/3 this weekend with the Mud Hens. LC4 is looking people to foster dogs as the shelter is really busy. They’re looking right at me. I can feel it.

(20:58) Hit TSA’s Flying Pig Festival on September 14th. KBM!

(27:54) Toledo terror suspect pleads guilty. Popeyes is open again. Dumb words from a city council candidate. TPD descended on our building yesterday. Walleye tix on sale this morning. Weekend stuff.

(38:58) Alex Trebek previewed Season 36 of Jeopardy! Lizzo says don’t call her brave – I agree. Kanye probably has music coming.

(45:05) Nostalgic board games, things I’d drunk buy on ebay, bad places to spill coffee and more in the Five Second Rule.

(53:08) How much time do you actually work while you’re at work?

(1:01:47) Joaquin Phoenix lost over 50 pounds for the Joker role. New Selena Gomez music soon. Renee Zellweger was often in tears for Judy Garland.

(1:07:53) What we’re looking forward to with fall arriving.

(1:16:42) PFOL hardest thing you ever had to tell your parents, cereal to describe your love life, a simple pleasure you savor.

(1:23) Bethany’s mortgage is high and I have theories. MLT!