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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Free Parking Goes Away

June 12, 2019

Wednesday June 12th

It’ll be a slightly unusual show today. We can’t get online. Free downtown parking is going away.

Floyd was out last night, almost a dozen margaritas deep. Talking to Donna, and Barry.

Stumbling through some news stories.

Katy offers and olive branch to Taylor. Keanu as a megaceleb and the Frozen 2 trailer.

News done right this time, because our internet has returned.

Madonna concert ticket sales are surprising way down. Ari donating to Planned Parenthood in Georgia. Selena has new music very soon.

PFOL. Clothing a man shouldn’t wear. Oddest body change when you were pregnant. Best part of being pregnant.

Lost that wedding or engagement ring.

A Netflix fave gets renewed for a second season. Jennifer Aniston now isn’t saying no to a Friends reunion.

Allie from Fox 36 is here not for Fox stuff, but because she’s volunteer at Good Grief, who have an incredible event next Wednesday.