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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Floyd + Eric…Influencers!

May 17, 2019

Friday May 17th

We were out last night and I had a good time. Other than that I forget what I wanted to talk about to open the show.

The father of the 4 year old who shot himself with his dad’s service weapon has been put on administrative leave by the OSHP. Scores of Jeeps hit Cherry to support the picketers. A new charter school is coming. Lunch at Levis returns on June 6, and other food truck set ups are also ready to go.

Robert Pattinson is likely to be the next Batman. What does this Batman fan think of that? Selena Gomez slams social media.

If the Walleye get to the Kelly Cup Finals we will Facebook Live The Hockey Bros. at the Huntington Center. Things we WOULDN’T put on a billboard as for reasons to date us.

The 5 Second Rule, but also our encounter with TMA’s Alyssa Greenberg.

Liza Minnelli is not pleased with the Judy biopic. Lizzo will perform at the MTV awards. There’s an ABC Twitter beef going on.

Our guest didn’t show up and we’re not quite ready with content, so let’s talk about Grumpy cat’s death, Dennis’ $900 cat and my friend who put a down payment down for a dog.

OK, now it’s PFOL time. How do you feel about fruity drinks. Who’s the last person you kissed. What’s the worst tasting food you’ve ever eaten.

Johnson’s Pizza is here. Let’s see if they like my cold pizza business idea.

Our Promedica friends are here to talk about a volunteer fair happening at Rustbelt on Tuesday. Kids, need service hours? This is it.

MLT, but also things to do this weekend and the end of Big Bang!