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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Extreme Love, Male Breast Cancer

April 8, 2019

Monday April 8th 2019

Floyd goes on a hike! I may have heard your credit card number when I ordered Chinese. I’m 7 episodes into GOT.

Living near train tracks and One Has To Go.

Walleye conclude their regular season. Mud Hens conclude their opening series. Rhino poacher killed by karma. GOT Oreos hit shelves today.

Solange isn’t performing at Coachella, probably due to big Beyonce news. ACM winners, and a first at Wrestlemania. What’s this controversial country music song.

Extreme Love. Do you know this show, are you familiar with any of these exercises of love?

PFOL! What’s the number one thing that ignites your anxiety. Solid Mother’s Day gifts And more.

Another Kardashian baby shower. This one is themed. Paul Rudd is 50. FIFTY years old! Who replaces Alex Trebek.

Janet Amid is here for free astrological readings.

No more relationship. Poof gone. And Floyd’s singing signs.

Male breast cancer IS something. Desmond Strooh is here to discuss a Komen event happening this Thursday that you might want to be a part of.

MLT the poacher death and Beyonce confirmation.