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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Dunkaroos Are Back

February 4, 2020

Tuesday February 4th

(00:00) $4 service fee on my water bill? I’ll be using the mail and my Star Trek stamps, Wade.

(9:07) HOOVES is doing really well with their fundraising. We finish the Monday Music Mix.

(13:58) I feel awful for things I thought at Kroger. Empires, Chicago, oatmeal and more in the Rated Game.

(19:42) Oregon’s police chief gets a couple important endorsements. PENTA grad dealing with nasty medical situation after the flu. UT students’ art to hit billboards. Big wins by St. Ursula in Orlando. Dunkaroos are back.

(27:31) Hamilton is coming to theaters. NEXT YEAR. Bieber sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.

(34:10) Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with state trivia because of the President’s Kansas flub.

(39:58) 13 ABC’s Tony Geftos is on with us to talk Bachelor, which we don’t do enough of.

(50:49) I almost had a Mortal Kombat fatality at Spring Meadows. McMillions on HBO, the Sinner on USA and Brad Pitt’s got jokes.

(56:47) Floyd’s impending tryst with Xander has crumbled.

(1:04:40) Jeffy McGee is here with Birds of Prey coming this week.

(1:09:39) Pilots to look out for and what’s on VOD with Jeffy.