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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Don’t Take Kids There

May 29, 2019

Wednesday May 29th

Birthday dinner and movie for Floyd’s crew. Literally, get off my lawn. And I’m not sorry someone took out your mailbox.

Would You Rather. Oh, Bachelor guy was on NBC 24 last night.

A month long Toledo boxing celebration starts in just a few weeks. Memorial Day Ohio highway deaths down this year. Save AP Bio. Local speller may go national.

Kit Harington goes to get his mental health together. Ellen talks being abused by her stepfather. The JoBros have a book coming out in November.

Walleye player or local politician.

Places to never take kids.

Ari cancelled some shows and Kanye on with Letterman as well.

PFOL. Fights not worth having. No impulse control with these foods. How many pillows do you sleep on.

Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee. Good luck Floyd.

Mandy Moore is scaling Everest. Did you notice something missing from Jasmine in Aladdin?

Alex McAleer, a mentalist with Champions of Magic, is on with us. They’ll be at the Stranahan in October.

MLT and bad pick ups