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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Dog Themed Trivia

June 25, 2019

Tuesday June 25th

How was Pride in Samdusky? Glad you asked. No your alcohol flavored seltzer.

Toothpaste, Paris, mayflies and more in the Rated Game.

Downtown should be restored today. It’s definitely Amazon. The pothole emergency filling will continue.

MJ died 10 years ago today. Tom Holland was told to ACT by Tom Hanks, and it was lovely. Blake Shelton shocked by Adam Levine leaving The Voice.

BCAN has an event for you this Thursday night at Fleetwood’s. All ages.

Dogs are the theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday because I’m helping with dog trivia tonight at Earnest Brewworks.

The mystery of the Lion King soundtrack. A new George Clooney movie.

What’s the cause behind your latest Mommy Meltdown.

Use my time machine to go anywhere, a food or drink you want back, you have to have it to fall asleep and more for PFOL.

Mindy Kaling making big donations for her 40th. New Jussie Smollett video.

Famous third installments with Jeffy and the Trailer Game.

Things to watch all over the streaming world as we wrap up with Jeff.

MLT that purple building and bbq invites.