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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Date Outside the Area

January 30, 2020

Thursday January 30th

(00:00) Guess what I saw at Whole Foods!?

(8:09) Lindsey guessed correctly.

(12:37) Phillipe is still here. He leaves next week now that his work at St. Ursula wrapped up. Would You Rather from Floyd.

(18:21) An Ellen like gesture at Scott. State of the city tonight. BG to research addiction. Georgio’s adding a casual second location.

(28:23) Potential additions to the Little Shop cast. Vanessa Bryant speaks about the unimaginable tragedy.

(33:14) Have you considered dating outside of the area?

(41:33) Phillipe has requested white rappers for TBT before he leaves. Posty and Beastie!

(49:17) Ellen doing Ellen things, with Alicia Keys. Another version of Let It Go, for Audi. A beautiful song from a 4 year old.

(54:44) A PFOL, but more with Abbie, whose husband Facebook threatened me.

(1:02:48) Tara Ice is back because the inaugural Sierah’s Birthday Soiree is happening and we’d love to have you be a part of it.

(1:10:57) Oprah’s book club drama. Pornhub premium.