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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Coffee Quest 419

May 6, 2019

Monday May 6th

It was a quiet visit with my dad, where I found out about some Metropark etiquette. Someone fell asleep during Floyd’s show, and his bumper is being help together duct tape. Pink duct tape.

We can’t glamorize murderous psychopaths, butttttt here you are in front of Zac Efron and Netflix.

Adam Sandler on SNL. Avengers crosses 2 billion. Kim K working towards being a lawyer.

My friend from Clara from Maddie + Bella is here to tell you all about #coffeequest419.

Shelby took a trip at UT’s commencement. Panel Full Of Ladies. An attractive athlete. How much does your hair cost. What’s the most productive thing you do in the shower.

Luke Perry was buried in a mushroom suit. Kim K makes a million per IG post. Gayle gets her money from CBS.

Janet Amid is here for free astrological readings.

More on UT’s commencement.

Axe 419 (have you been yet?!) has an event coming up to support a vital part of our community, the Family + Child Abuse Prevention Center.