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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Caught Your Kid Doing What!?

May 9, 2019

Thursday May 9th

Hello! Floyd was 76% accurate in guessing the royal baby name. My friend is leaving L

Lost jobs in Lordstown are coming to Toledo. Get well Sheriff Tharp. We turned in 50,000 pounds of drugs. Who’s speaking at BG’s commencement. International McDonald’s are coming here.

A snippet of the new Ed and Bieber song (spoiler, it’s good). George Clooney is not the (god or God)father. Endgame is headed to Disney+ on December 11.

Let’s hit this age gap thing again, because some of the comments we got on Facebook are worthy of SAT math questions.

Do you know who Billie Eilish is? Sleep, but good songs. That’s the theme the for TBT this week.

Another Netflix show will go choose your own adventure. Tiffany Haddish brought her own food to the Met Gala. Why did Ellen decide to come back for a comedy special.

Marker all over Ashleigh’s daughter’s face. And feet. As a parent what have you gotten to too late?

Ashleigh’s got questions for the dudes. PFOD.

Ashleigh took her five year old to watch Iron Man die. Jenelle from Teen Mom sought comfort from her firing from her husband, who is the reason she got fired.

Our friends from the Thomas Wernert Center are here for their mental health day tomorrow. Neil and Sarah will also be at our NAMI walk on Saturday.

MLT and thanks for not making my birthday a big deal.