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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Bad Roommate Situations

June 26, 2019

Wednesday June 26th

Floyd’s having a day. Can we help? Thanks for coming to dog trivia last night at Earnest Brew Works.

Still power out at some places, include the La Salle. Holocaust survivor was here last night in Bedford. First graders kick city council into action. Library on the Lawn today and two more times this summer. BG coach going to hockey HOF. Pizza Hut goes back to its roots.

Uncomfortable roommate situations. One has feelings for the other.

What’s in the Maumee, why should you play in the Marathon Classic, how do you go green, and other questions in Think Fast.

A Breaking Bad movie finally? Demi will give us new music and the truth next month. Camila breaks up with her relationship coach boyfriend.

Things you’d miss about living Toledo. Phillipe is missing things over in London.

PFOL with Abby our regular. Ain’t no laws when you’re with White Claw.

Mike’s Pizza and More is here as our Sweet Deal. Domenic (sp?) says no lemons and no pepperoni on pizza.

The Wooley Bear Festival in Vermillion and other small ones like it.

MLT! Why is there no recess.