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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Bad News About Franklin

August 6, 2019

Tuesday August 6th

(00:00) Floyd’s never heard Ed Sheeran Castle On The Hill, which was the unidentified song in yesterday’s Manic Music Mix.

(7:56) I have terrible news about Franklin. Please don’t let it deter you from adopting!

(18:42) When is it too late to change careers or to uproot one’s life.

(27:32) Kaitlin Durbin of the Blade spoke to the Dayton shooter’s ex. Matt Cherry’s competition for council is a student and stay at home mom. Some got a Whole Food preview yesterday. Food Network recognizes Toledo thanks to the Heights. A birthday working at Target.

(35:33) More charges for R. Kelly. Little Mermaid Live is now happening, with familiar names. Ariana may have a new man.

(43:17) Our friend Jeffy McGee, our pop culture superhero, is here earlier than usual. First up with Jeff is the Trailer Game themed with Jeep!

(51:16) Things to watch stream and download with Jeff.

(59:13) The Hannah Brown news keeps coming! Taylor may be dropping more album Easter eggs.

(1:07:11) Avid texter Scott is up for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday. Jeep is the theme again.

(1:13:39) Some Toledoans say they’re not more afraid to be out and about downtown and elsewhere.

(1:20:31) Mariah will sing the Mixedish theme. Lil Nas X very happy to be a voice for LGBT community.