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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Bad Neighbors, Bad DNA Stories

March 20, 2019


Thanks to my friends at Mama Mary’s for making it a good night for my other friends at Good Grief. Miss Anderson took a fall, and Floyd missed her calls. She’s OK though! I dove in to a new Netflix show.

Would you rather…have an ice cream cone or Rita’s water ice, no elbow or no knees.

Tornado sirens today at 950. Just a drill. No more front license plates – likely. Better Toledo sidewalks. Powerball is at $550m.

Wendy Williams have been living in a sober house. Kit Harrington said his Jon Snow role was behind him seeking out therapy.

Have you seen the Flintstones house out in California? The neighbors aren’t please. Tell us about your lousy neighbors.

PFOL. $500 from me to buy clothes. What do your kids constantly bug you about. Mom, mom, mom, mom!

More from Wendy Williams. What’s next for Cardi. Woodstock’s 50th, and John David Washington lands a huge role.

Tales from your DNA test results.

Calle Taco’s is your Sweet Deal and they’ve a very interesting kind of taco you need to try, and Tammy has an inspiring story to share about her 15 years of sobriety.

Final entertainment news; the Stranger Things season 3 trailer is out.

Floyd in a uniform, as a corrections officer? Sheriff Tharp needs backup! Urban Dictionary spelling bee.

MLT about Coke and hairy legs, and the beginning of a dating story.