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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ashleigh’s Here, So Is Brightview

April 18, 2019

Thursday April 18th

How deep did Floyd get into Beychella. He got that, but he also got a terrible Madonna song. I warned him.

They found the Perrysburg kid behind the shitty Twitter account. What’s happening for Cedar Point’s 150th season. The girl who terrorized Denver was found dead. Walleye lose; they’ll be home Saturday night. Your GF plate may have gluten.

Taylor, Gaga, and more on TIME’s Influential People list. Some Twitter sleuth put something together about Taylor’s 4/26 announcement. The BTS song with Halsey is a YouTube monster. Disney gives money to Notre Dame.

Can we talk about your steps.

TBT back to 2000. MB20, NSYNC, Aaliyah.

GOT was a source of Sophie Turner’s depression. SNL welcomes Emma Thompson, Paul Rudd and Adam Sandler.

NAMI walk is coming up! May 11th calendars please.

Carolyn Fox from Mobile Meals is here. Lots of delicious international foods from PENTA and Owens next Friday night.

Panel Full of Dudes with three pressing MAN questions from Ashleigh.

Want some of this Madonna song? Floyd’s not pleased, but I like parts of it. Ashleigh’s got story about her friend who has some man drama.

My friend Jean Drees is here to talk about another place that can help you or someone you know with addiction. Say hello to Brightview.

MLT cute raccoons and being sent to your room!