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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ashleigh’s Here So Is A John

May 31, 2019

Friday May 31st

Ashleigh’s in for Floyd today. Her son got into Beverly! OWE strategies for the weekend.

The OHSP trooper was charged for his son’s accidental shooting death. Promedica news. Kickoff times for UT and BG announced. $1 movies for kids this summer. BUSY WEEKEND.

Drake messing with the Finals again. Cardi doesn’t give a fuck. New Camila and Mark Ronson.

A number on a rubber band to get a date.

5 Second Rule with Ashleigh, and John. That’s her coworker who grew up a few minutes from me in Philly.

Lori Loughlin is in a rough spot. More Jussie Smollett news. Elton John told Taron Egerton not to sound like him. New music from Iggy, and also Katy.


What is Two Guys From Philly.

More R Kelly charges. Emilia Clarke raising money for people with brain injuries, which she had. Robert Pattinson may not be Batman.

MLT and goodbye to John!