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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ashleigh’s Here, and the Circus!

March 14, 2019

One more day till Friday. Hey.

How’d you manage the brief social media Armageddon? I don’t love doing speaking engagements for college kids.

Carolyn with Mobile Meals (they could use volunteers!) to talk about the chili cook off this weekend. Try GIRL IM DELICIOUS, TMR’s white chicken chili.

More nooses in local businesses. Stop it. A new way to track gun shots in some Toledo neighbhorhoods. Some 737s are now grounded. Spotify + Hulu together. Lady goes nuts at Burger King in Livonia MI.

Watch out Lori Loughlin is free! Kate and Pete should be spoofed on SNL, and some big SNL host news for the coming weeks.

Lloyd. Flyod. Fyld. Ways people mess up your name.

TBT. I heard Monica Before You Walk Out Of My Life the other day. So let’s do long song titles.

How’d Luke Perry die and who was around when he did. Fresh Prince…the 2019 thriller.

PFOL boobs, buying clothing, and most expensive clothing.

Entertainment news and there’s a new Avengers trailer to get aroused over.

Ashleigh has a Panel Full Of Dudes for us. We’re the dudes. Lots of drinking holiday day questions.

MLT and please join us for the chili cook off this Saturday.