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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ashleigh Joins Us TBT 2011

April 11, 2019

Thursday April 11th

Did you know the name of one of the intro songs we use is called Supermassive Black Hole! Oh Floyd, oh deer!

Finding Neverland and Leaving Neverland. Did Alex Rodriguez cheat on Jennifer Lopez. Lori Loughlin would not be stopped in getting her kids into USC.

Ashleigh is here. And very hungover.

Floyd wants to have a word with UT. TBT to 2011, the first year of GOT.

Ashleigh (is drunk) says going to west Toledo is practically taking a road trip to Findlay. Lori Loughlin is getting edited out her own show. Gayle hosting a Meghan and Harry Plus One special.

Worst place in the area for handicap parking space violators.

Good timing for #nationalsiblingday, what’s your story for when you told your kid they were going to be an older sibling.

Floyd has requested the 5 Second Rule game since Ashleigh is drunk on joy. Princeprincessesservants.

GOT Spelling Bee.

MLT shots and dogs, first Renaissance suggestions.