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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Another IMpact + INspire Event

July 3, 2019

Wednesday July 3rd

Miss Donna has a basic white girl trapped in her.

Spider-Man was so good! You will enjoy it like the Tobey ones.

Manic Music Mix, and Ed Sheeran got sued by Kandi?!

The nurses have ratified. TPD’s ShotSpotter is up and running. The beginning of the end of the 75 construction. Tomorrow is our Day in the Sun.

More Lion King promo art. Demo Lovato is Bachelorette thirsty. More Tom Holland and Jake G.

Mark down July 18th, another Promedica Impact and Inspire is here, at the Glass Pavilion.

PFOL! Yes or no to White Claws. What your SO says ALL the time. Best thing about your street.

Channing Tatum had a stalking squatter. Breaking Bad movie coming sooner. Bill + Ted is shooting now. Tarantino may be done.

Taylor’s Scooter trouble, speed cams, and Toledo’s most dangerous intersections.

Wedding dress codes can be confusing.

Laura is here with Maggie and she’s just $5 at LC4. And MLT.