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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

A Competitive TBT This Week

June 13, 2019

Thursday June 13th

I think I’m done giving weather forecasts. They’re rarely accurate. Phillipe’s lousy math almost ripped off Floyd.

Strawberry Festival time. An all local Deal or No Deal.

You can’t have a tacky sign in Toledo. The Mercy strike is tentatively over. An area in Downtown could use a catchier name. The woman who left the SUV on the tracks has been identified. The snow leopard cub is a baby girl named Babs.

Low energy today on the PFOL but we march on.

Since she works downtown a lot, I wanted Ashleigh’s take on the free parking going away.

Usher v Chris Brown for TBT today.

Advice for kids playdates. Floyd’s got this.

Taylor has a big announcement later. And thanks to Smokey’s for dropping by for the fourth birthday.

More friends visiting. Casey from Franklin Park Mall to talk about movie club, the Live 360 Space and Food Court Fridays for kids.

MLT and shade. Much shade.