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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

123118 One Untitled Show Left

December 31, 2018

The party was a success, but my mortgage payment slip disappeared. And who or what is Keith to Floyd?

Did Grover say FUCK on Sesame Street, and a quick game of One Has To Go.

The Christmas Weed season has come to an end, a shooting death in East Toledo on Friday, some kid friendly things to do (in just a few hours) for NYE.

Should there be a Christmas Weed ’19?

Jaeger and Coke is a nasty drink combination. What are some others?

Kevin Hart did nice things for his people as his tour wrapped up. Louis CK did not nice things. Surprise! Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ARE together. OMG.

Ghosting. Not people, but jobs. It was a big thing in 2018.

Alternative Plots featuring Hunger Games, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Freaky Friday and more.

Has the Wish app wound up on anyone else’s Facebook feed?

Game Of Thrones weekend is coming to the Huntington Center. Most Liked Tweet!u