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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

122818 Two Unnamed Shows To Go

December 28, 2018

Floyd did not do his homework. He did make some preparations. Netflix and TMA incoming. Share the post to win tix for Amnesia w/DJ Manny (too late!). Someone stole the Christmas Weed. Just the weed.

Jerry Anderson is a school bus driver in BG – retirement is wonderful. Kill Bang Marry with Floyd on the spot; I’ve added THINGS, not just people.

The Weed ends tomorrow. Local scouts will be cleaning up the area. The Heartbeat Bill. A cheerleader from Southview is kneeling at games. A blown transformer (no capital T) in NYC set Twitter off. Aliens!? And the oldest living American man, a WWII vet, is not that anymore.

A touching tribute from Billie Lourd on the second anniversary of her mom, Carrie Fisher’s, death. Iggy Azalea upset some people at performance in Rio, and Insta caused outrage yesterday with its ‘mistaken’ update.

What should be left in 2018?

A friend of the show found out their preteen was watching cartoon porn, so it led to A TALK.

Eddie Murphy had to fit A LOT of people into his Christmas IG post. Most of them were his kids. Lotsa baby mamas. Snoop lashing out at modern rap is funny, but not as much as 50’s laugh.

I have a new home idea I wanna run by Ashleigh which is he gonna shoot down hard. And how Floyd could be dressed to be the maitre d for tonight’s Die Hard (not quite Christmas) party.

Yesterday Floyd said he’d been in no relationship in 35 years ‘why start now.’ He and I are a lot alike so I wanted to explore this further. Our longest segment yet.

Where you last shopped + what you last ate is your bowl game name.

The beginning of small biz shout outs, first to Local Thyme.