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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

022819 TPD Ride Along Debrief

February 27, 2019


Floyd had a bit of a bizarre night at Stomp at the Stranahan. There was a baby. A baby baby. And a baby of an adult.

Criminal or nah? Celebs and stars. Much more difficult than you think.

15k people showed up to vote in our special election. Rogers Zia Cooke is a finalist for national player of the year. Do you know what TikTok is.

R. Kelly is out of jail, thanks to 100k from a very loyal female daycare worker. All three Chicago shows are renewed at NBC. A source speaks to ET about Gaga and Cooper.

We’ve each had an issue with one of our parents in the past few days.

So WHAT happened on my TPD ride along? Biggest takeaway…West Toledo neighborhoods have totally destroyed roads.

A God(dess) level PFOL. Scars, headless Jason Momoa, a free photog session, pregnancy brain and more.

New friends Rosa and Ricardo are here from El Salto. They’re your Sweet Deal this week on our website.

Jordan Peele is DEFINITELY the prince of horror. Who is Aldis Hodge? Bebe Rexha v her dad v the Internet. Pete Davidson v an idiot in one of his show’s crowds.

If you missed yesterday’s show you missed this engagement announcement. If you already heard it, listen again to out sitcom styled surprise.

MLT from Wiz and Blink 182 but first Floyd on the latest Pokemon trailer.