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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

021919 90s Things Still Going

February 19, 2019


I think I’m good now. How? Hold on. I don’t understand you and Floyd, who can plow through a blaring alarm.

One has to go…where things will actually disappear. That’s right. If Floyd ditches waffle fries don’t ask for them at Chik Fila.

A big intersection is getting a makeover. Sylvania is getting a DORA. A SDORA? SORA? Supermoon time.

AGT didn’t have Americans? That’s a real national 911. The brothers in Smollet case speak out. Kate Beckinsale claps back at IG idiot.

Floyd’s friend is going to date a former sex worker from Vegas. How do you feel about your person’s sexual past?

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday is going TWO segments this week. Cmon people don’t you know your 90s hip hop trivia.

We didn’t get a winner. DAMN. But we did find out what’s in this year’s Oscars swag bag.

PFOL. Why u no put the lid down!? Where does all your money go?

More on S’DORA and 90s or Now rap lyrics returns. But no prizes. Sorry.

A bit of a recap of entertainment news.

Quite a showdown with today’s BHM trailer game with Jeffy McGee.

MLT! Send something besides nudes.