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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

021519 Philly T Friday is SO 90s

February 15, 2019


Just a day away from Floyd (and you) hanging with Queen Latifah at the Peristyle. I got invited to do a TPD ride along. Will I finally make it to the morgue? Bruno + Cardi new music, and Katy + Zedd new music.

No fair. We have a rapper to play 90s or Now rap lyric. First let me give Floyd the song that the Bruno makes him think of.

Keep your hands on people – another incident at TPS. Art Loop 2019’s themes have been announced. Not an edit button, but maybe a clarification button to provide better context to tweets. Recycled pizza at Chuck E Cheese.

Philly T is here. Let’s get his take on the new music, and watch Floyd stan for Katy. Ryan Adams may have an FBI problem.

Things people would complain about at the Apple store. African countries. Things you’d do with toilet paper. And more for the 5 Second Rule game.

What was the last excuse you used to get out of sex?

Jussie Smollett conspiracies. Kanye’s sweet gift to Kim for Valentine’s. A new docuseries on Prime this weekend.

Last pair of Queen Latifah tix let’s play 90s Price Is Right.

Sweet Deals is here. Enjoy Cheers in Holland.

Let’s get a quick PFOL in, with some RickRolling.

Small Biz Shout Outs, and a final run at 90s or Now rap lyrics.

MLT with a god level tweet!