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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

020819 Philly T Friday + No To Relationships!

February 8, 2019

Good morning!

Or not. I can’t log on to my work station’s profile. It’s one of those I SWEAR I’M DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT, and then the engineer will tell me I’m a dummy after he fixes it. Anywho, did Floyd and I witness crimes this morning? And I’m in awe of his ability to maintain his schedule. I can barely maintain being awake.

Floyd’s wingman game made an enormous fail.

A classic news theme to kick off Just The News You Need. Sidecut is flooooooooooded. Help them out! Hallmark Channel running Xmas movies year round. LOTS of things to do locally this weekend. And a story with a reason to play a classic Morgan Freeman from The Dark Knight.

Ariana dropped an album. But didn’t drop her beef with the Grammy’s. Oh, on the single she released, if you tell someone to drop their significant other to sleep with you, it’s still falls under the spirit of cheating. Speaking of sex, Bieber had a ‘problem’ with it, then went celibate, then married quickly to have it. WTF.

Are you hustling a school district. Cough cough Ottawa Hills.

A very parent centric PFOL. Your BEST parenting skill. Including ironing, worst part of laundry. What room is your dream reno.

What does this mean,I DON’T WANT A RELATIONSHIP. You’re ugly? Eh, kind of.

Can Phillipe possibly top Floyd’s performance yesterday in the 5 Second Rule game?

Liam Neeson said what about looking to do what!? Why?

Small biz shout outs. We DO have an axe place here?

MLT and Floyd receives a gift from Russ!