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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

020719 Ashleigh + Lexi Visit

February 7, 2019

Good. Morning

Does Floyd have measles? Do we have to quarantine him? Does he have insurance? Will you watch a really eccentric Jake G movie on Netflix called Velvet Buzzsaw? Why does my dad ALWAYS answer his phone?

Wellness and Recovery Center on Glendale. How they can help you, a family member or a friend out.

Some people put out extra trash and that’s why yours is still just sitting there. Metroparks wins the award. Cherry St. Mission could use a hand.

No beer. No Friends. No fun in Toledo? Maybe definitely.

Throwback today goes back 1998 for the very first NOW release, a terrible time in pop radio history.

What’s your language of love? It’s on our Q105 Facebook page.

I got my love language. It’s what you’d expect. Stay away. The 5 Second Rule game with two of the most legendary answers ever.

Entertainment and the debate over the Bee is getting stronger that it is DEFINITIVELY Gladys Knight.

Lexi Staples is here for Toledo Pride update, what is NWO Community Shares info, Collingwood Arts Center events, and being a mom!