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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

013019 Ashleigh Is Here For Subzero Day

January 30, 2019

Morning! Right now it’s 6:01am.

I’m approaching the show with a very chill (no pun intended) podcast-y vibe. Hooray, no mail today! #nosarcasm. Floyd got fed at mom’s, but then she kept him awake.

Floyd has some strong thoughts on the Jussie Smollett attack in Chicago.

Lots of closings due to the cold. Temp discounts at the Blarney (Thanks Eddie B.). Massive chicken nuggets recall. The FaceTime glitch was noticed by a Twitter user way back on January 20.

I’m so glad BSB is back…with Chance The Rapper and Doritos. Maroon 5 donating money from the Super Bowl performance.

The Morning Reboot superlatives. Most likely to permanently damage something at TMA. Most likely to have a non violent road rage incident on 475 and more.

Whoa my bit is broken! No Slay It or Spray it…right now L

Happy birthday to Rihanna’s ANTI, Judd Apatow working with Pete Davidson, Ashton Kutcher gave his number out.

They split their tax refunds. This year hers is larger than expected, so he wants in on that.

We may not get huge ratings (I think we’ll be OK), but we’re certainly driving a lot of people to hop on Twitter.

A quick version of Slay It Or Spray It and our Carmen fun for the week.

Before MLT a quick relationship revelation I’m working through