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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

011019 Sara Hegarty + L4C’s Meeko!

January 10, 2019

It was too cold to do anything yesterday, so let’s ramble through this opening segment.

R. Kelly allegedly likes to pee on people. My friend asked me if I was into that, and I quickly pivoted that convo over to shower peeing habits.

The TPD Hero video is old. I know, I tried to find it when it came out months ago. Flu season has been a mild one. Stop blowing school bus stop lights! Stats from the Seger show.

How are the Bezosssssssss’es gonna split the 14% of a trillion dollars? Gaga wants Do What U Want down from streaming sites. Masked Singer reveal.

My temporary tags expired and I went from Byrne + Glendale to the Glendale Walmart – like 9 miles – which a TPD right behind me. No ticket.

Sara’s here! Late, but here. Kid drama. First, what’s going on with the Heart Assoc. and her ‘night out’ with Rachel Hollis.

We go back to the mid and late 90s for Throwback Thursday with Sara.

My dad’s debut on TMR 2.0 to prove I have a brother. I wanna help him out with some Disney hacks.

Laura is here from Lucas County Canine Care + Control with Meeko! The vid is on FB, but adopt him, and get your 2019 dog license. The money goes toward keep L4C up and running.

Entertainment with a bit more Gaga, Bezos, controversy(?) over Green Book, Masked Singer (HELLO AGAIN SPOILER).

Power Rangers, TMNT, Sesame Street favorite kids show characters.

MLT tweet to wrap up today’s show. Your kids fake restaurant and the audacity of Amazon.