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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

010419 The Morning Reboot w/Taylor Dungjen

January 4, 2019

Busy, packed show today. Try to keep up. 

You know I love my dad, Barry. Floyd doesn’t not love his, but they haven’t spoken in 20 years! Until, bum bum bum…a friend request last night.

Dina is on with us to play Game Of Thrones character or Walleye player.

Did you have January 3rd as our first homicide in Toledo? You win? We have a bathroom mirror here that hangs too low for males. Did anyone stop and say whether Bird Box is any good?

Kevin Hart is headed to Ellen today and I think he should STILL be able to host the Oscars. John Legend on the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, and something Taylor Swift did that failed.

Philly T is a nervous wreck when we play the 5 Second Rule game. Hmmm, maybe that’s why he called in (or is it out) sick. How does Floyd fare with OWE streets, Golden Girls characters and more.

How safe is Toledo?

Super quick hit entertainment stories, and texts about Toledo’s safety ANNNNND the TMR debut of Miss Donna.

Taylor Dungjen from the TPD is here to talk Milan momming, city safety and a lot more.

The real reason Taylor is here…her fave pizza spots.

Shit. Forgot an interview. This week’s Sweet Deal on Q1055.com is with Russ’ Auto Wash. 3 months unlimited for $50, a value of $101.97. ANNNNND there’s a dog wash there too. Diddy, N’dre let’s go.

Small biz shout outs, but one more quick round of GOT character or Walleye player.

Freakishly avid listener and friend, Vinny, is today’s Most Liked Tweet from me and Floyd has how the umbrella got named.