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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

010319 The Morning Reboot Ep. 2 w/Brittany!

January 3, 2019

Three somewhat attractive young women showed up at my door yesterday…annnnnnd now I’m typing this from a bathtub of ice cubes without a liver.

How’d Floyd do with my guided meditation suggestion from Youtube. He was all in for The Masked Singer SPOILER!

Slow down in Perrysburg Township. How safe is Toledo? We say 7ish. China space news!

You can afford Coachella, but …Another Kardashian West kid and when do we get new music from Cardi.

Brittany Gibbons is here J J J J

Lots of people vibing on this Rachel Hollis book. Which is why I reached out to Brittany. I wanted her thoughts on it.

The Bird Box Challenge. We’re not saying goodbye to Brittany, just her uterus.

Finally, we can get into TBT. 2009. Floyd dominates, but Brittany was handcuffed by bad headphones.

An 8 hour tantrum by a kid on a flight. Video is on our Facebook page.

Let’s hit Brittany’s podcast Girls, Girls. And she needs a Sling. It’s a peeing thing.

Why does Morgan Freeman sound like he’s mumbling this 2018 rewind? Most liked tweet about fuck boys!